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Eating White Chocolate May Help Lose Weight?

We all know that bittersweet chocolate may help reduce . Various studies across the planet have shown that a cube of bittersweet chocolate has the power to scale back cravings and reduce appetite – these factors may further support weight loss. But did you recognize that even chocolate s may help burn body fat? That’s right! A recent study found that eating milk chocolate “during a narrow window of your time within the morning” may help promote weight loss. Besides, the study, conducted on a gaggle of postmenopausal women, also found that it’s going to help manage blood glucose levels too. The findings were published within the FASEB Journal.

This study was jointly conducted by researchers from Brigham and experts from the University of Murcia in Spain. it had been a controlled, cross-over trial on 19 postmenopausal women. They ate either 100 grams of chocolate within the morning (within one hour after waking time) or in the dark (within one hour before bedtime). After the research, the experts came up with four interesting findings. Let’s take a glance .

Here’s How White Chocolate Helps Weight Loss and Burn Fat:

  1. Eating chocolate within the morning or night didn’t cause weight gain.
  2. Eating chocolate within the morning or evening may influence appetite, sleep, microbiota composition (gut-health) and more.
  3. A high intake of chocolate during the morning hours may help burn fat and reduce blood sugar levels.
  4. Evening/night chocolate altered next-morning resting and exercise metabolism.

The author of the study, Dr Frank A.J.L Scheer explained, “Our findings highlight that not only ‘what’ but also ‘when’ we eat can impact physiological mechanisms involved within the regulation of weight .”

As per an ANI report, corresponding author Dr Marta Garaulet further stated that the themes of the study didn’t gain weight despite increasing their caloric intake. In fact, they found a uniform decrease in appetite and sweet cravings.

Considering all the above factors, we say, plow ahead and luxuriate in some chocolate while on a weight loss diet. But always remember, moderation is key! Also, consult your doctor before adding anything new your diet.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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